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List of the most accessible towns in the United States for young families

Young families claim that they can not afford urban environments, with cities becoming more and more costly to live in. These 10 towns, however, are still affordable.

Being linked to the region is one of the best aspects of growing old in a town. You’ve had years to develop your support network as you’ve grown accustomed to living in the same place. In the truest meaning of the word, it becomes home.

But it can be tricky to decide where to set down roots, particularly if you have a family. You want to expose as many different experiences and thoughts as possible to your children, keep them stimulated and give them opportunities to learn and develop. You want to live somewhere cheap as well.

Usually, that means discovering a city that has just started to develop into a significant destination. Somewhere with lots of promise and few of the drawbacks found in a big metropolis, you want a town on the rise.

Here are a couple of the best locations in 2020 for young families:

1. Madison, WI, one of the best city for young families.


Madison is a summer destination with 5 lakes and plenty of outdoor activities for young families. The home of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, while still being a perfect place to raise your children, has become one of the largest cities in the midwest.

U.S. News and World Report gave Madison top value marks and said the average resident only has a 20-minute commute, not bad for a city with 620,000 individuals.

2. Dallas, TX, the most affordable for young families


Not only is the sprawling city of Dallas home to the finest Tex-Mex you can ever find, but it is also home to excellent school districts, affordable housing, and a multitude of activities for children.

“It’s the perfect mix between the suburbs and the city,” said Kevin Matthews, a longtime Dallas resident and financial planner. “In large areas, you get the size and space of the suburbs and the conveniences and events.”

The town of Plano in the northeast is only slightly outside the city limits of Dallas, and if you want a more secluded area, it is a great choice.

3. Raleigh, NC


Raleigh is the capital of North Carolina and some of the best colleges around-Duke, University of North Carolina, and North Carolina State-are within a 30-minute drive.

It is no wonder, with such a clear college connection, that Raleigh has become a hot spot for young families. Couple Money’s Elle Martinez loves the town because she can find plenty of free things to do with her two daughters.

“We bought a place in a quiet neighbourhood less than 10 minutes from downtown, which has plenty of yard space and a huge basement for less than $160,000,” she said.

4. Minneapolis, MN


People have begun looking beyond the cold weather of Minneapolis in recent years to enjoy the city for what it has to offer: strong infrastructure, beautiful parks, and connections to a top arts and culture scene.

You can enjoy boating and relaxing by the lake, then zip into town for a concert or dinner. For all types of adventures, it’s a great home base.

Jensch says that in Minneapolis, all types of families will find their culture, from “crunchy to mainstream.”

5. Sioux Falls, SD


In Sioux Falls, where their workers find low housing costs, quick commutes, and plenty of museums, concerts, and art galleries, both healthcare and financial companies make their home. There are more than 70 lovely parks and greenways in the area, ideal for active families with high-energy children.

Sioux Falls residents may take advantage of the low tax rate in South Dakota, another explanation why families have so far found the city affordable.

6. Omaha, NE


Frugal Rules‘ John Schmoll says that families love Omaha for their open school district, where parents can select a school based on the needs of their children, not just their neighborhood.

That’s not the only explanation, however. Omaha has low housing rates, high-paying work, and many things that young children enjoy, including an award-winning zoo.

Schmoll said, “Omaha also has a great mix of rural, suburban, and city living, so you can choose to live where you want, while also benefiting from living in a larger city.”

7. Seattle, WA

Most people know that Microsoft is home to Seattle and an ever-growing tech scene. Although job growth in some areas of the nation is slowing down, according to Glassdoor, Seattle is still the third-best city to find jobs.

That’s not the only reason young families are putting up with the exorbitant home prices in Seattle. In the Emerald City, with abundant hiking paths and bike trails, playing outdoors is easy. Part of why young parents enjoy living in Seattle is also a progressive community, top-notch restaurants, and a light-rail system.

8. Des Moines, IA

In 2014, the Today Show said Des Moines was the country’s best city where “regular people live rich lives.” About why Des Moines? Along with the numerous cultural choices young families crave, it has the affordability of a Midwest city.

Home buyers in the 25 to 34 age range account for the largest share of homebuyers around $168,873. The town also has a crime rate that is lower than normal.

9. Nashville, TN

Nashville was a small town for years, only remembered for being the birthplace of the greatest country music. It has now begun to explode in popularity, while a solid option for young families remains.

Good colleges, a mild Southern climate, and a lively arts scene make it popular with young families. Plus, there is no state income tax in Tennessee, another advantage of living in the Music City.

10. Indianapolis, IN, is the last city suitable for young families in this list.

This Midwest capital, once known as’ Nap City,’ is slowly becoming a prime destination for young families. Housing rates are still affordable and have a $142,300 median value, 30% lower than the national average. Plus, there is no shortage of excellent schools to take advantage of in the Indy suburbs.

In Indy, which is home to the NBA and NFL clubs, the Indy500 and college favorites Purdue and IU nearby, sports fans can also find a cause to cheer. The NCAA headquarters, with the NCAA Hall of Champions nearby, is also located downtown.

To sum it up, there are several towns offering a lot of culture plus low rents/mortgages. Whether you’re looking for a mild environment, a place for fans of sports, or a more liberal area, there’s a little something for everyone in these ten choices.

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