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The best pet protect insurance and will help protect your pet’s health

One of those products you don’t think of until you need it is pet protect insurance. It will be too late by then.

Healthcare is cheaper for pets than it is for humans, but not by much. His resulting allergic reaction contributed to a surprise $2,100 vet bill after my family dog ate the lower third of our Christmas tree.

Emergency vet bills are widespread for injuries and illnesses. In your pet’s lifetime, you’re highly likely to pay at least one $2,000-$4,000 vet bill, and you should never have to choose between your finances and the welfare of your pet.

Up to 90 percent of a vet bill can be covered by pet protect insurance and policies can be secured for as little as $10 per month. Here are some of my favorite companies to guarantee that your companion is furry (or scaly).

List of 2021’s best pet protect insurance companies

Pet protect insurance providerBest for
LemonadeAccident and illness coverage, plus extensive preventative care
Affordable catastrophic plans
PumpkinExtensive plans
Pet Assure
Pre-existing conditions
Healthy Paws
Older pets
ASPCA Pet Health InsurancePreventative care
NationwideExotic pets



Lemonade is most widely known for its pet protect insurance, but they still provide the best pet insurance product in the class. It takes only seconds to sign up, and you will be able to get personalized accident and illness coverage (for instance, you can tailor the policy to cover up to $100K!). The coverage covers topics such as medicine, diagnostics, and procedures such as emergency treatment and surgery, among others.

Lemonade, however, doesn’t just end there. For health screening, heartworm and fecal testing, bloodwork, vaccination, and more, you can also add coverage. Plus, one feature that makes Lemonade really special is that in the Lemonade app, you will have access to expert online medical advice via chat. That way, without actually paying for a vet appointment, you can get your questions answered. You can also go above to beyond-and have extended injuries and illnesses, which can account for physical therapy and vet fees.

Plans through Lemonade start at a super low price of only $10/month, but if you also insure your home through Lemonade, you can also qualify for an extra 10 percent discount.

Furthermore, Lemonade provides zero-hassle, super-fast payment of claims, combined with award winning service. Their policies are plain, jargon-free and intuitive, and any remaining money is donated to the charities you select that are pet-centric.

Find out all about Lemonade.



For three factors, Embrace quickly makes my list of the best pet protect insurance companies.

Next, they are among the few with high deductibles but supremely competitive rates to sell “catastrophic” pet insurance policies. You will get injury and disease insurance up to $10,000 with a $1,000 deductible and an 80 percent refund rate for around the cost of a Netflix subscription; that is, you will save $7,200 by spending $180 in premiums in a tough year for your cat.

Next, Embrace encompasses most exams, evaluations, and x-rays, unlike certain rivals. It can cost hundreds to diagnose the wellbeing of your pet alone, so this is a huge money saver.

Lastly, with their impressive customer service, Embrace deserves kudos. My own vet workers have had good encounters with them, and ConsumerAffairs retains 4.2 stars, which is no small feat for an insurance company.

Learn more or read our full review of Embrace.



Pumpkin is a solid option, if you don’t mind paying extra for superior coverage. There is often a strong reimbursement rate for the provider’s plans, and their service of an experienced customer support team is incredibly comprehensive.

They also offer an optional “Preventative Essentials” kit that contains vaccines (4 for puppies, 2 for dogs, and 1 for cats), an annual health check, and select laboratory tests to identify problems early, for $11.95 for cats and $18.95 for dogs each month.

Pumpkin is a solid supplier to cover all the angles whether your dog or cat has a lot of costly needs and you are worried about coverage gaps. Plus, with Pumpkin, there are no upper age limits or race exclusions, and their online statements are fast and clear.

Learn more or read our full review of Pumpkin.

Pet Assure


Technically, Pet Assure is a discount card, not an insurance policy. It costs around $10 a month, and you can take it to any of the in-network suppliers of Pet Assure and earn an instant 25% discount on all in-house procedures.

In-house treatments, with “absolutely no exclusions” may include routine care, vaccines, emergencies, operations, cancer treatment, and more (see a full list at the bottom of their homepage). Most importantly, it encompasses all services arising from the pre-existing conditions of your pet.

If you have already arranged a $2,000 operation with one of their suppliers, you can call ahead to check that Pet Assure can cover the surgery, purchase a $10 monthly card, and save $400 immediately.

Some clients have protested that in-network providers of Pet Assure are more costly, making the discount moot, but most of the clients of PA seem satisfied with their purchase.

Learn about Pet Assure more.

Healthy Paws


Healthy Paws covers cats and dogs, and gives owners of older pets a rare value proposition: no spending limits. It doesn’t matter if you spend $10,000 a year or $30,000 per year as your pet ages and vet bills increase; Safe Paws will pay out.

Depending on the insurance terms, you’ll always be on the hook for the deductible sum and 10 to 30 percent of the bill, but if you really want to compromise between preserving the life of your pet and saving tens of thousands of dollars, Safe Paws is a nice option.

Learn more keeping Paws Safe.

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

A non-profit that sells pet insurance policies ranging from the necessary to the extensive is the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Dogs, cats, and horses are protected by them.

The key competitive benefit of the ASPCA is its generous preventive care package. Routine appointments and vaccines can rack up to ~$300 a year, but the ASPCA can cover you for up to $250 of those costs for $9.95 a month, so it’s basically a half-off voucher.

Plus, to have rock-solid customer support and genuinely care for the health of your pet, you can trust the ASPCA. Love and support for our four-legged friends are, after all, their mission!

Learn more about pet insurance from the ASPCA.


Nationwide is committed to offering competitive pet protect insurance; they have had the foresight to swoop in and snag the domain, after all.

Via their three primary plans, Nationally provides outstanding pricing, customer support, and robust coverage. The Major Medical Plan covers injuries, sickness, drugs, and some inherited diseases, while the Pet Health Plan covers preventive treatment such as examinations, vaccines, and safety for flea/heartworm. Nevertheless, you should integrate both into their strong Whole Pet with Wellness schedule.

Finally, Nationwide is one of the few providers of pet protect insurance which covers exotic pets. You can pay their bills by Nationally if you have a pet, reptile, or rodent at home.

Learn more about Nationwide’s pet insurance.

Review of the best pet protect insurance companies of 2021

Pet protect insurance providerPets coveredMonthly premiumUnique features
LemonadeCats and dogsStarting at $10/month
with a 10% discount if you have home insurance with Lemonade
Sign up in seconds, super-fast claim payment, access to expert medical advice via chat, award-winning customer service, leftover money is donated
EmbraceCats and dogs$15 to $70Affordable catastrophic plans, superb customer service
PumpkinCats and dogsStarting at $23/month with multi-pet discountFills common insurance gaps, superb optional preventative care plan
Pet AssureAny animal that qualifies for veterinary care$8 to $12No waiting limits, can instantly apply to pre-existing conditions
Healthy PawsCats and dogs$20 to $75No annual claim limits, nonprofit supports homeless pets
ASPCA Pet Health InsuranceCats, dogs, and horses$35 to $75Affordable preventative care plans, nonprofit
NationwideCats, Dogs, Birds, Amphibians, Reptiles, Rodents, Goats, and more!$15 to $225Exotic animal coverage, 100% comprehensive plans

How did I come up with this list of the best pet protect insurance?

I scoured the internet as a pet owner for the top seven pet protect insurance providers for which I would directly insure my own pet. Providers must have ranked above average on any of the following metrics to make this list:

Customer service: Does the supplier have an established track record in customer support? Do they win not only industry accolades, but high scores on platforms like from real policyholders?

Premiums-simply put, can the provider provide the dollar with affordable premiums and good value?

Flexible coverage-does the insurer provide a generous number of options so that without paying for coverage you don’t need, you can better tailor your policy to your unique needs?

A.M. Best rating-the supplier gets at least one (A) rating with A.M. Best, which rates insurance companies based on their willingness to pay out claims and effectiveness?

Can the provider innovate ways to reduce prices and boost the overall experience of becoming a policyholder? Innovation and altruism In addition, are they giving back to social organisations, enhancing the lives of animals?

Ultimately, and very clearly, does the provider have a broad geographical spectrum of coverage for national support (in some cases, even international)?

In particular, the list was not made by providers with mixed customer service scores or undisclosed coverage gaps (and there were several).

FAQ’s for the best pet protect insurance

What is pet protect insurance?

Pet insurance is your pet’s health insurance. Cats and dogs will be protected by nearly all pet insurance agencies, and many will also cover more exotic pets, such as birds, mice, ferrets, snakes, and pigs.
Pet insurance and human insurance have a lot in common. Rates vary by risk factor, including the age of a pet and pre-existing conditions, and there is a product to help shield you from frightening vet bills of four and five figures.

What’s covered by pet protect insurance?

Usually, pet insurance covers the following:
Accidents and emergency incidents
My dog ate the bottom of our family Christmas tree back when I was in high school and had an allergic reaction. His overall vet bill was well over one grand, including surgery, drugs, and supervision. My dog didn’t have a TSA or an army job, so we had to pay the bill, but fortunately, my folks had insurance.
While an initial diagnosis can be under $250, the cost of a single emergency visit can surge well beyond $1,000 for every successive treatment. The following are common causes that your pet will have to go to an emergency visit that most insurance companies often cover: allergies, wounds from battles, being struck by a car or bike, stomach problems, respiratory problems, poisoning from consuming the wrong foods, etc.
Pet protect insurance, in addition to emergencies, often protects certain disorders arising from a non-pre-existing illness (more on that below).
Cancer, parasites, hyperthyroidism, UTIs, and digestive disorders are common illnesses usually covered by pet insurance.
Cancer radiation therapy alone will cost a pet upwards of $10,000, so a $40 per month policy during the vulnerable golden years of your pet will easily pay for itself.

The most significant features of pet protect insurance


You can never buy an insurance policy, pet, or otherwise, without combing carefully through each coverage line item. You can also find out what problems your pet has or is likely to have in their lifetime to ensure that the most likely and most costly treatments are protected for you.

If you are unable to locate your coverage info, call and ask your provider. When it matters, due diligence during the shopping process could save you thousands.


Deductibles for pet policies typically vary from $200 to $1,000. Since emergency visits can cost $4,000, and chemo can cost $10,000, even a “catastrophic” package with a $1,000 deductible can be useful.

Bear in mind that regular treatment can be as cheap as $300 annually for a cat or dog if you are looking for comprehensive coverage for a healthy pet. Make sure the deductible does not extend to preventive/routine treatment, or else you will still pay out of pocket for it.

Annual Boundaries

You’ll also see some form of annual cap slider when securing pet insurance quotes online. Annual caps are the maximum amount per year that your insurer can pay out in claims. The lower the cap, inevitably, the cheaper the monthly premium.

For most pets, $15,000 is a perfectly secure annual cap, but if you expect any incredibly costly veterinarian bills for cancer care or multiple procedures, you might want to increase the limit to $30,000 or insure for Healthy Paws, which has no insurance restrictions.

Provider Network

Finally, pet insurance providers might have provider networks, much like private health insurance companies for humans. Until acquiring a new scheme, make sure you can locate a nearby in-network provider with:

  • Availability
  • Affordability.
  • Healthy testimonials.
  • The right expertise to satisfy the needs of your pet.


Since pet care can be costly, it can provide peace of mind to have some form of pet protect insurance and ensure that you never have to choose between your savings and the wellbeing of your pet.

You can buy a superb kit from Lemonade for the cost of a Netflix subscription. You will also get Embrace’s high-deductible plan to cover you from thousands of debts. Or, you can buy a personalized package from Pumpkin if you can afford a more holistic plan to support your pet in its golden years. Finally, if you can not afford a contract right now, you can always make a note of Pet Assure’s closest in-network provider, and when the time comes, simply buy a card for 25 percent off.

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