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The best affordable companies for car insurance of 2021

To find great deals, check out our list of the best affordable car insurance companies in 2021 if you’re hunting for the most reliable car insurance.

If you’re like me, you’re sick of watching any policy renewal cycle crawl into your car insurance rates. To help you fight these ever-increasing premiums, you have found the right spot.

For several factors, car insurance rates will adjust. The crucial thing to understand is that each car insurer sets its premiums in various ways. That means you could be able to save by finding a new insurer if your insurance rate rises.

I’ve put together this list of the best affordable car insurance companies to help you get the best possible low-cost car insurance rates.

Remember, you don’t want to shop for a discount on your own. It can often be worth the extra expense to pay a little more for better coverage or better customer service.

The review of the best affordable car insurance companies

CompanyAffordable car insurance companies the
best for
Average car insurance premium
Liberty MutualMany coverage options$2,271
GabiComparison shopping
Not available
EsuranceThose that want an online experience
AllstateTeenage drivers or poor credit
ProgressiveBargain shoppers$1,618
State FarmNew and young drivers$1,188
NationwideThose looking for easy claims$1,428
Those that drive few miles

Not available
USAAFor military members and their families

Comprehensive review of the best affordable car insurance companies

Per affordable automobile insurance companies have a premium structure of its own. To find the best overall value for your situation, you can get quotes from several firms.

That said, these businesses may also provide quotations for inexpensive car insurance. – organization has a unique selling point, depending on your situation and your needs, which can make them the best fit for you.

Liberty Mutual


Liberty Mutual is partly known for its catchy TV advertisements, but they also provide some decent options for auto insurance, including new vehicle repair coverage and better coverage for car replacement.

Instead of the depreciated value of the vehicle, new car replacement policy allows you to replace a car that is less than one year old and has less than 15,000 miles with a brand new car.

Better replacement of vehicles takes the concept a step further. With this coverage, if your vehicle is considered a complete loss, you get cash for a substitute car that is one model year newer, with 15,000 miles less than your current car.

These covers will help you get a better car, but will cost you more than if you opt for your car’s regular depreciated value coverage.



For all your car insurance needs, Gabi is a free insurance comparison app, so you can compare rates quickly. In all 50 states, it is a fully licensed insurance broker; within minutes, you’ll get the best coverage for your needs.

You answer some simple questions about you and the type of vehicle you want to insure, and then Gabi compiles quotes from businesses so you can see who provides the most affordable rates. The application process is fast.

When you decide which company you want to go with, you then go through a longer process of applying. But initially, Gabi doing the legwork for you will save you a large amount of time because you only apply fully to one business and they work with more than 40 different insurance companies.



Esurance focuses on putting you online or over the phone for car insurance. It just takes an average of six minutes to get an auto insurance quote.

Although Esurance is funded by Allstate, they operate their insurance companies differently and sell different-rate policies.

The auto insurance process online or over the phone means you won’t have an agent in person. The absence of an in-person representative saves the company cash and helps them to pass on to you some of the savings. For you vs their rivals, this may result in lower premiums.



Since the 1930’s, Allstate has been around, so they have a long history of paying out claims. Over that era, they have grown to be one of the country’s major auto insurers.

If you prefer, Allstate enables you to work directly with a local agent or via their online system.

Allstate is one of the best insurers to get a quote from if you have bad credit. If your credit is less than stellar, they are popular for providing lower rates.

That being said, some states do not allow credit to be used by insurers as a factor in insurance premiums. If you live in one of these nations, it might not be best for you to choose Allstate.



When it comes to affordable car insurance companies, Progressive is a serious candidate, promising to give you affordable insurance rates. They are so sure that they can do that, that if you can get a better deal elsewhere, they will even lead you to a competitor.

Like for many other insurers, if you combine cars with other kinds of insurance, you will get the best deal with Progressive on auto insurance.

However, one of the greater standout features of Progressive is its Name Your Price tool. Only type in what you want to pay, and you will be paired with insurance that fits your needs with the instrument. For healthy driving and good grades, Progressive also provides discounts.

State Farm

State Farm is the country’s biggest auto insurer and has been in the business since 1922. Especially if you take advantage of available discounts, you will find affordable rates and reliability from this insurer.

By bundling, driving comfortably, and being a good student, you’ll save. Young drivers with clean driving records can find that they get a better deal than competitors with State Farm. Only because you have no injuries or moving violations on your record can you save up to 15 percent.

State Farm provides different forms of signing up. For a more customized application process, you can get a premium quote from the website or contact an insurance agent.


The greatest differentiator for Nationwide’s is the simplicity of the claims process. You can handle the whole process through the app if you have an accident, then have repairs made through the On Your Side Auto Repair Network.

You’ll still have the trust to realize that your insurance will not rise if you have an injury, thanks to Accident Forgiveness.

The prices at Nationally are already competitive, but by taking advantage of discounts, you can save money. By pooling, being a good student, completing a protection course, and more, you can save.

Save an automatic 10 percent when signing up for SmartRide, a driving behavior tracking service.


Metromile is the newest car insurer on this list and began its business in 2011. They currently sell a special form of car insurance, but in Arizona, California, Illinois, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington, they currently only offer it to customers.

Metromile charges you for car insurance depending on the miles you drive, instead of the conventional auto insurance that charges you a flat rate every month. For the miles you travel, your payment is a combination of a flat fee and a per-mile rate.

You could save quite a bit of cash by getting a Metromile quote and subscribing to their insurance if you don’t travel many miles.


USAA stands for The Automotive Association of Unified Services. It began to represent service members and the needs of their families in 1922. USAA prides itself on how they serve their customer service and their audience.

I can tell, as a USAA member myself, that their customer support is certainly top-notch and their prices are also always top-notch.

Not everybody, sadly, can be a USAA member. You have to be one of the following to join:

  • In the U.S., active responsibility, guard or reserve Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy, Reserve and National Guard.
  • Veterans of an honorable form of discharge who have retired or split from the U.S. military.
  • Qualified family of USAA members who joined USAA before or after the marriage, including widows, widowers, and un-remarried former spouses, and individuals whose parents joined USAA.
  • Cadets at U.S. military academies and midshipmen.

Summary of the best affordable car insurance companies

Now that you know the specific advantages of the best competitive auto insurance providers, here is some other valuable details that you should remember.

If you switch more than one policy to the insurer, companies selling various types of insurance could save you even more cash from multi-policy discounts.


Why am I supposed to require auto insurance?

In order to drive a vehicle, auto insurance is also needed by your state. Even if it’s not, when you get into an accident, it’s imperative to protect your finances. Car crashes can cause damage to the vehicles of other people or cause injuries. They can be very costly. You’d have to pay for them yourself, without insurance. Both crashes and other acts like hail can even insure your own vehicle. Your state does not need these forms of coverage, but it could help you fix or replace your car if it gets damaged.

Which is the most affordable car insurance?

Your condition would rely on the most affordable car insurance provider. The companies listed above, however, have a history of providing inexpensive insurance for vehicles. To see how much you can save, pick a few businesses that look like a good match and get quotes.


It could take some time to find the right low-cost car insurance provider and get a couple of quotes. That said, the effort is well worth saving cash on car insurance.

If you’re not having the best deals at the moment, and I’ve certainly been there, you might potentially save hundreds of dollars a year by switching companies.

I got new quotes when I got married and saved a lot of money. My wife and I were able to use the savings to make our student loan debt paid off more easily. The best part is, it just took a couple of minutes to save hundreds of dollars by having quotes.

To see if you can get discounts like my family did, start getting quotes from our list of the best cheap car insurance companies today.

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