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Here is the best credit card ad on television till now.

According to Ace Metrix, the most successful credit card commercial ad on television right now belongs to Discover. So, apologies, Tina Fey.

In the new rankings from the television advertisement analytics business, the issuer’s “Same Page” commercial. Which features a consumer and a customer service rep talking about fraud/frog security, posted the highest score (592).

“The “Standard the Barbecue Champ” of Bank of America and the Samuel L. Capital One was ranked second and third on Jackson Quicksilver “Everything” with a scores of 590 and 582, respectively.

Ace Metrix polls a panel of 500 customers on a scale from 1 to 950 to rate national advertising. Scores are compiled using an algorithm that represents persuasiveness (how likely the viewer is to purchase the product) and observability (whether they would watch the ad again). Ads from April 1 to June 30 2014 are included in the latest rankings.

According to Jonathan Symonds, executive vice president of marketing for Ace Metrix, Discover’s ad stands out because “it is very relevant.” “People like the line of the story and the characters.” They enjoy the classic wit as well.

“He says, “Sarcasm does not work as well as classic, call it, safer, humor.

Credit card ad

Even, the marketing departments of issuers are battling a bit of an uphill battle as credit card advertising usually does not operate as well as other categories of the industry. (For example, Ace Metrix’s highest-ranked commercial, courtesy of Google, netted a score of 667.)

“That’s because, by definition, credit cards are a little more polarizing than other brands,” Symonds says. Due to more strict regulation and an increased understanding of its pitfalls, post-recession, not everybody, for example, carries the payment form.

Have you ever been encouraged by a credit card ad to sign up for a specific piece of plastic? What is the credit card ad that sets you apart? In the following comments, let us know!

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