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What to do if you find a credit card of an unknown?

You are wandering down the sidewalk and you find a lost credit card on the ground. 
What should you do? Assuming that you’re not a criminal looking to party on another person’s money, want to help person find a credit card, you’ve many options. Your choice depends upon how much you desire to become involved with making things. Following is a look at several of these options which can be helpful if you find a credit card.

Options are as follows if you find a credit card

We all want to do the right thing, but sometimes the best right thing is not always apparent. Let us say you find that credit card in a shop or in a gas station. One option will be to remain there for a couple minutes and see if somebody comes by and ask if you watched or find a credit card on the floor/ground. 

Make certain they ask you, do not volunteer the information. You could say, If you tell me the name on the card, I could give it back to you. If it was a Hollywood film, you’d also end up meeting the person of your dreams. A simpler option that conveys no danger or surprise: bring the card directly to the cashier, state you found it on the ground and leave. If you’re in a location at which is not potential, take it home, shred it and throw it away or report a found credit card visa to police authorities.

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What could happen to cardholder?

Let’s say someone else discovers a lost credit card before you, uses it for shopping, and throws it away. By law, the cardholder can be responsible for purchases made with a lost credit card up to $50 depending on how long it takes for the cardholder to report the lost credit card. On the other hand, what happens if you find a debit card and use it? If the cardholder loses his debit card (linked to checking account), he will lose all money debited from his account. This can happen if the cardholder takes some time to realize that the card has been lost and to inform the bank about this.

If you find a credit card, do not opt for the following option

However, one thing is certain. Don’t leave the card and not participate. Identity theft is a terrible thing that happens to someone and you don’t want to think you’ve made it easy.

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